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Hotel Boutique Quelitales

The birding gallery in the Orosi and Tapanti Birding Region, when the lowlands and the highlands gather! Also the home of the Cabanis’s Ground Sparrow!

Birds list: +350 (eBird).

Hotel Quelitales is an authentic boutique mountain hotel nestled in the forests of Cartago, a true paradise for nature loves and birdwatchers. Quelitales offers large suites and bungalows, designed to accommodate a variety of tastes, including a world-recognized restaurant with local meals with international accents by the hands of Jose Alvarez, the owner of the place.

Enjoy by watching hundred of birds from the suites balconies or in the forest trails on your own or with the company of local expert guides. The gardens and room surrounding also offer shelter for birds and great photography opportunities, specially hummingbirds including the very rare Black-bellied Hummingbird and the Green-fronted Lance-bill, plus +300 other bird species. Local hotspots to visit from the lodge includes: Tapanti National Park, Ujarras and Orosi Valleys, Lankester Botanical Garden, Irazu Volcano, and the waterfowl of the Cachi lake.

Contact information 

Tel: (+506) 2577 2222 | 2577 1919