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La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

One of the top places for bird photography in Latin America and the top place for King Vulture!

Birds List: +390 (eBird).

Located approximately 150 Km from San José, La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge is surrounded by 500 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest. At your leisure, you can roam through this tropical paradise alone or with a local guide on more than ten miles of well-maintained foot trails. Red and green poison frogs are plentiful, as are all three species of monkeys. Toucans, parrots, caimans, and Jesus Chris Lizards are coming sightings, as are an incredible variety of plants and approximately 150 species of tree. In addition over 350 different species of birds have been recorded among them the rare Great Green Macaw.

The lodge is secluded ad cozy, having 20 double rooms, all them with hot water, ceiling fans and private bathrooms. The open view restaurant features a traditional costa rican menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The locally grown food ensures tasteful and healthy meals , in addition to the tropical drinks and snacks which are made available throughout the day. The lodge’s balcony serves as a terrific resting point for viewing the many forest edge birds which so often makes themselves visible, including raptors and carrion feeders which are rare now in most of Costa Rica. Activities includes: canoeing into the jungle in two lagoons, birdwatching hikes, and bird photography settings, boat trips in the San Carlos and San Juan rivers, and relaxing in the terraces while watching for birds and the tropical lush forest.

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