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Macaw Lodge

Home of the Scarlet macaw this is the perfect core site to visit the different birding attraction in the Carara & Turrubares hotspot in the Central Pacific!

Birds list: +350 (eBird).

Macaw Lodge and reserve is locates between two life zones, the humid tropical forest and the high humidity pre-montane forest in the Carara and Turrubares area. These bioclimatic, ecological and landscape conditions make it possible for an abundance of birds to live in the Central Pacific, surpassing 300 species. Two of the many highlights of the area are the Scarlet macaw and the Orange-collared manakin.

Macaw Lodge

Macaw is a mountain lodge located adjacent to Carara National Park & the Turrubares Hills forest reserves. The lodge is off-the grid; it generates electricity by renewable clean energy of solar power panels and the facilities were build as a sustainable concept offering comfort in harmony with the environment.

Contact information

Tel: (+506) 8762-9090


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